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​I am Mahdi Akhavan Moghaddam

​MSc of Bee Breeding

It was mid-2006 when I bought a few hives, I fell in love with them, and I got into beekeeping! I gave up my studies in electrical engineering, clung to agriculture, and now I have a master's degree in bee breeding from the University of Tehran. Bees have been my best teachers since time immemorial.
My policy is to create and maintain a stable job called "beekeeping", and when asked if I am satisfied with beekeeping, I always say yes it is, both my passion and a source of income; a dream come true!

I am Mahdi Akhavan Moghaddam, Beekeeper, Lecturer, and researcher
Beekeeping education

Name                     :         Mahdi Akhavan Moghaddam
Birth year                :         1987
Residence               :         Tehran-Iran
Phone number          :         +98 912 548 6880
Email                     :         me@akhavanmahdi.ir

​My Activities

​​​Advanced beekeeping and queen rearing lecturer and workshop facilitator
Beekeeping and equipment production consultant
Establisher of research in queen breeding and beekeeping equipment

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During this three-year course, I studied a variety of topics, including the possibility of using bees as bio-reactors, hive technology, and queen breeding. Finally, I defended and graduated with the topic of "Effect of mother queen caging on qualitative characteristics of progeny queens in Apis mellifera" and gratuated.

​MSc of Honeybee Breeding
University of Tehran

​​​Work experience:


This period of my education was important because I was able to change my field of study from electronics to agriculture. Therefore, I owe my success to the strange and difficult decision I made at that time, which got me where I am today.

Engineering of Plant Production
Islamic Azad University (KIAU)

I was not made for this field. But for me, this period was perhaps an accelerator and a launching pad for today's success.

​Electronics Technician
Sadra Institute of Higher Education

A period full of ups and downs and bitter or sweet experiences, yet I cannot exchange the feeling of satisfaction I have from living with bees with any feeling in the world. Beekeeping is more than a business to me. Beekeeping is my school, with all the fresh and pure lessons ...
I am proud to be a beekeeper!

​​Professional Beekeeper
2007 - Now

My first experience began with teaching a basic beekeeping course in the village of Verdij near Tehran. Since then, I have gained the courage to hold various to hold various workshops or trainings. To date, my focus has been on introductory beekeeping courses, queen breeding courses, and specialized seasonal management classes. which has been held both virtually and in person in Tehran and other parts of the country

Beekeeping and Queen Breeding Lecturer
​​2014 - Now

Although blogging is not a job, but it is my most honorable as well as my most useful and productive activity in the field of beekeeping. In fact, with the help of the blog, I have managed communicate with a large number of audiences in a short period of time, and this experience sharing has had a great impact on the maturity of my point of view. But this is still the beginning...
My blog is my temple!

​Honey Bee and Beekeeping Blogger
2007 - Now
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H.E. Mrs. Kristina Radej

​​​​​​​Ambassador of the republic of Slovenia in Iran

Kristina Radej - Slovenian Ambassador tehran

​During this period Mr Akhavan Moghaddam has proved to be very knowledgeable, committed, innovative, with a great team working spirit and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, devoted beekeeper.

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If you have any ideas, or would like to implement a beekeeping project or just want to discuss bees. I will be happy to read your message or hear your voice.

Kiga village - Tehran - Iran


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